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Anonymous asked: I'm dying to catch up on Suits (haven't started the new eps after mid-season break), but uni is taking priority, and all these spoilers gifs are KILLING ME (say what? mike is LEAVING HARVEY?). when I need a hit of marvey (to regain my sanity from too many assignments) I read your comment fics (which in turns make me want to watch the new eps even more). love your fics, PLEASE KEEP THEM UP! ^___^

Oh man, I can’t believe you haven’t seen the new eps but are seeing gifs. I couldn’t do it, I’d rather just block everything until I’d seen the eps. But yeah, I don’t think it’s news to anyone that I’ve not been massively impressed with the last couple of seasons but I will say I think the back six eps are better than the first ten. If that helps you to watch them any quicker. :O)

And thank you for the lovely comment. I really wanna write post finale but alas it’s not really working for me. :O( But I shall keep trying, don’t you worry about that. I wouldn’t know how to stop writing them at this point lol.

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Inspired by this post by colethewolf

I agree with his observations - scenes between Stiles and Derek have from 3a and onwards been shown illuminated by light. Clearly this is no coincidence…

Also remember

Q: [About Derek] […] Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for him, or will he always kind of be the show’s whipping boy?

A: Light. Yes.

Jeff Davis, Tumblr Q&A
From the official teen wolf character bio for Stiles
: Always willing to risk his life to help his supernatural friends, Stiles is the
light of Beacon Hills.

I swear, teen wolf meta has been kicking ass today.

You know this kind of reminds me of how in the credits Stiles stands in front of the headlights of his car.

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If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?

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I feel like this finale is like the s2 finale - there seems to be a fandom vibe of “oh hell what do we do /now/?” Tbh it’s sad but I would have rather had the other ending they considered than this one.

Yeah. I mean, I get wanting to keep the show fresh and all, but I seriously question their choices a lot of the time. I’m not sure how I feel about the other ending they considered. It seemed a bit … over the top, maybe. I don’t know, I’m just not sure how they would’ve done that given the tone of the show.


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This sums up how I feel perfectly



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This is the issue in a nutshell, cause if the lawyering is a pretext and the Batman/Robin thread is broken what is left in this series? We need to see both Harvey and Mike evolve with time but evolve together and the one because of the other…

Yeah, I don’t get how the show is going to work with them being separated. This show was created on the basis of Harvey and Mike and their relationship and their secret. Everything else has come from that. It’s the centre of the show, and now the focal point of the show is gone. It worries me…

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This. All of it. We’ve had less Mike & Harvey focus anyways so I’m scared of what the new season brings.

Yes, I really wasn’t happy with how little Harvey/Mike there was in season three given it’s supposed to be the basis of the show. If they aren’t even working together anymore does that mean we are in for even less Harvey/Mike? Coz let me tell you, I did not sign up for that.

Anonymous asked: so you ignore my ask and instead post more spoilery stuff and still don't tag. thanks asshole.

Okay, so, when I saw the email notification of this ask I was really, genuinely hurt by it. And now I’m going to try to rationally and eloquently explain why.

When I woke up this morning and checked my tumblr, I had two anon messages. Two messages that had been sent to me overnight while I was sleeping. I replied to one, but not the other, because I don’t like to spam my followers with asks. It’s just a personal preference. I had every intention of responding to the ask when I got home from work later that day (which, if your message was the one I just posted, I did. If I haven’t responded to your ask, I never got it).

I was only on tumblr for about an hour, before I went into work. Then, when I checked my email at lunch time, I saw this message about ignoring your ask. I had only been online for an hour - had only had the opportunity to be online for an hour between waking up and going to work - and because I didn’t reply that quickly you got mad. I think that’s a bit uncalled for really.

And then there’s the other part of this message. The untagged spoilers. I honestly have no idea to what you are referring. I assume you are saying I posted Suits spoilers - but I haven’t. I talked about the finale, true, but that’s an aired ep. And it was several days after the episode aired (I didn’t even get to see the ep myself for three days after it aired). And I tagged all my posts with ‘suits’. I can’t have spoiled you about upcoming Suits stuff, because at that point I hadn’t read anything about what they were going to do in season four (on my lunch break today I found a Korsh post-finale interview so I am now more up to speed on this topic - although that’s a discussion for a different post).

I don’t understand. I tag everything - even if I don’t use a ‘spolier’ tag I use the show name. So if you are talking about GoT posts I’ve reblogged, or something else, I always tag with at least the show name so you can block if you are still catching up on something.

So yeah, this message really blind-sided me. I’m not sure I really deserved it. If I’ve missed something re: the spoilers please feel free to contact me about it to let me know what you were referring to. I hate spoilers. I don’t want to spoil other people. If there is something I’ve done that has spoiled you for something that hasn’t aired I’m really sorry. Please let me know what it was and I’ll fix it.

But if you could do it in a way that doesn’t call me names, I’d appreciate it.

Anonymous asked: umm I'm torn. I'm ecstatic Mike took the job because I couldn't take the fake lawyer anymore. Not that it was boring, just very unsettling. I am excited to see if they explore the friendship part of their relationship. also to see mike as a client lol. though maybe the writers will try to bring him back... bc rationally the show is about him being a fake lawyer so :/

I think the thing with the fake lawyer thing was that they told too many people too soon. And where do you go from there? I liked how they explored Mike’s feelings on the reality of his secret. But I’m going to miss lawyer!Mike.

And yeah, I’m tentatively excited about that it means that Mike is no longer Harvey’s subordinate and how they are going to explore Harvey and Mike’s friendship away from that. And Mike as Harvey’s client - are you kidding me. That is gonna be gold!  :O)

I have to admit, I had similar thoughts. Is this something that is going to last? Because the show was built on the premise of Mike being a lawyer - are they gonna go back to that eventually…?


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Anonymous asked: *look at your tags* *oh she forgot one* "Mike totally looking at Harvey's mouth in the last gif" *there, better* ;)

Hahahaha. Well, let’s be honest, that’s not really a new thing. They are always glancing at each other’s mouths. I figured there was no need to point it out. ;O)